Neon Pink Wooden Floors?

When you think of wooden floors, warm, natural tones come to mind. Honey hued oak or trendy colours like deep, dark brown and light-reflecting paler woods but neon pink? Not likely…

So why pink? To show that we can create truly unique floors, beyond all expectations. Believe it or not – the ever increasing trend for bespoke and customised products also applies to solid hardwood floors. We’ve launched our Signature Colour Concept to offer specifiers a chance to create tailor made floors for their clients. Anything is possible – a wooden floor no longer needs to be traditional, it can take on any colour, including pearlised and metallic finishes.

Our new concept has proved hugely popular, both to create striking, one of kind statement floors for bars, restaurants, galleries or large public spaces, or to create a floor that ties in with company colours or branding.

Our bright, neon pink planks, used on both floors and walls, for Danish designer Karen Simonsen’s stand at Copenhagen Fashion Week were certainly very hard to ignore. Developed in close collaboration with the designer herself, the floor echoed the pink colour used in her collection and captured the eye of every single visitor!

Junckers Signature Colour Concept - neon pink cropped

Junckers Signature Colour Concept - neon pink detailJunckers Signature Colour Concept - neon pink 2 

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