It’s All In the Finish

Junckers Sports Floor at Aberdeen Sports Village low res

Following his last post on primers (which you can read here), our technical wiz Richard Aylen tells us how to follow through for the perfect floor finish and choose a lacquer suitable for every situation.

Most lacquers are now water based and are much easier to live with than the ‘spirit’ based products of old. The best of them are tougher and more abrasion resistant than the old products ever were.

So, how best to choose the right one?

Although I don’t think you can ever have a seal which is “too durable” the toughest will usually be the most expensive with the upside of needing to recoat less often. In most cases though, it makes sense to balance durability with cost.

  • Residential use – for lighter traffic areas use an acrylic and polyurethane mix, single component water based seal. It is low cost but durable and easy to use.
  • Heavy Residential/ Light Duty Commercial – for heavier traffic areas in homes as well as on lighter use commercial floors it’s best to use a full polyurethane seal which doesn’t require a hardener. These are usually available in several different sheen levels from matt to gloss. This type of lacquer is hard to beat for ease of use, durability and low cost.
  • Commercial, High Traffic and Sport – when it comes to high traffic commercial areas and sports flooring, you get what you pay for. Choosing a high quality, very durable seal can actually mean value for money considering the level of protection a good seal offers along with over-all maintenance costs. A full polyurethane lacquer combined with a hardener will protect the timber for longer with less frequent need for sanding and refinishing requiring down time, which can prove costly in more ways than one.

Got a question for Richard? Get in touch with him at

Richard Aylen, Technical Services Manager, Junckers

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