A Solid Argument

When it comes to wood flooring – one of the most commonly asked questions is: Solid Hardwood or Engineered?

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Long lasting

More hardwood = longer lasting – it’s common sense! Solid wood floor boards do last longer, simply because engineered floors have only a thin hardwood wear layer. A fully supported 22mm thick floating solid Junckers floor can be sanded down by 7mm, up to seven sandings, whereas as an engineered board has a typical veneer of 3.4mm hardwood, which means it can only be sanded down twice, at most. This might make less of a difference in a residential setting but in a large, publicly funded building or in a sports arena where lifecycle costs play a very large part of any specification, longevity can be the decisive factor.

Feel underfoot

The feel of walking or exercising on a solid hardwood floor is totally different to walking or exercising on an engineered board. The solid board gives off less noise as it’s more solid underfoot. There is much more drumming noise with an engineered board as the softwood core is less dense, which makes for a noisy environment, especially in offices, meeting areas and multi-use halls.

Underfloor Heating – setting the record straight!

Myth: solid boards buckle and warp, engineered boards are more stable and only engineered boards can be fitted over UFH.

Fact: all hardwood floors, both solid and engineered contract during the heating season over UFH. Junckers’ solid floors are guaranteed for use over UFH with boards that are highly quality controlled and monitored to ensure they have the exact same moisture content – so when they expand and contract they all do it at the same rate.

Our floors are affordable, dependable and reliable, so consider the real differences between solid hardwood and engineered floors – not just the myths.

If you’d like more information, please contact us on sales@junckers.co.uk

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    1. Hello floor fitters North West London, Thank you very much for your feedback and I’m glad you like the post! We’ll aim for more of that kind in the coming months. Best wishes, Junckers

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