Workplace Revolution

The office buildings of generations past are old hat. The new model workplace should inspire creativity and effectiveness,  through a well designed,  carefully thought out space. As many leading organisations know, a well designed workplace inspires performance, innovation and builds a healthy environment. In order to facilitate communication between employees and help incubate ideas, the new workplace incorporates collaborative work spaces and informal areas throughout the office environment, giving employees a range of options for when, where and how to work. This way of working helps employees engage and lets them tailor their space, time and tools to suit their changing needs and work models. The importance of configuration and use of space is paramount to the new workplace, as is the interior design scheme – stylish, thought provoking, inspirational, using a mix of materials, colours and textures. Wood is very often part of the scheme, on both floors and walls, adding natural warmth to a space. Here are some examples from London based architectural design practice MoreySmith:

Morey Smith Sony Music offices Morey Smith Sony Music Paris MoreySmith asos offices 2 MoreySmith asos offices MoreySmith RedBull offices  2 MoreySmith RedBull offices

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