Junckers New Era Levelling System just got slimmer!

Our New Era Ultraslim System can be laid with a build-up of only 60mm from the base to the finished floor level. This is achieved with a specially designed low-level cradle and 22mm thick battens. The new system is ideal for replacement floors and refurbishment projects where the subfloor may be uneven and the floor finish height is restricted.

For uneven subfloors, a height range from 60mm to 72mm is achievable. Our New Era Ultraslim system provides a “sprung” floor when used in combination with Junckers 22mm solid hardwood floor boards. It’s been fully tested and certified to EN 14904 category A4 for area elastic multi purpose sports floors.
The new cradle is called the “S Zero”. System data:
For 411mm Batten Centres:

– Batten size: 22mm x 45mm x 2400mm; Junckers Laminated spruce battens, 2.7m of batten required per sqm of flooring.
– Cradle centres: 300mm, which equates to 10No cradles per sqm of flooring
– Maximum thickness of packing in cradle; 12mm
– Uses standard range of New Era plastic packing pieces for levelling; 1.5mm, 3mmm, 6mm and 12mm sizes.
For further information, have a look at our updated Junckers New Era system brochure, which includes the Ultraslim System.

For further advice, please contact our Technical Department, tel 01376 534 729 or email RIA@junckers.com

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