It’s all in the (technical) details…

  While we concentrate on making top quality solid hardwood floors, our network of specialist Approved Flooring Contractors are busy installing them all over the country. One such company is PICA Floorings Ltd who not only laid over 500m2 of our Nordic Oak floors in the amazing looking Canada Water library, South East London but... Continue Reading →

Neon Pink Wooden Floors?

When you think of wooden floors, warm, natural tones come to mind. Honey hued oak or trendy colours like deep, dark brown and light-reflecting paler woods but neon pink? Not likely… So why pink? To show that we can create truly unique floors, beyond all expectations. Believe it or not - the ever increasing trend... Continue Reading →

Junckers Catwalk Debut

We often say that every room needs a good looking floor and there aren’t many places where a Junckers solid hardwood floor won’t look gorgeous. Last month, we tried something new, by building the catwalk floor for Danish designer Karen Simonsen. Her fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week was a stunning affair, helped a long... Continue Reading →

Low, Lower, Lowest… Our Prices Have Come Down!

 Our new price list will take effect from today,  1 March 2012 – with some considerably reduced prices! Because of our improved, more efficient manufacturing techniques and sourcing of raw materials, we’ve been able to lower prices on many of our solid hardwood floors. Our 14mm two-strip range and our 15mm Single Stave Parquet floors... Continue Reading →

Single Stave Blocks – Black Oil Oak

Junckers Single Stave Blocks are a more contemporary take on the much-loved parquet floor. Junckers have updated this classic look to offer all the benefits of a new, solid hardwood floor – no draughts through gaps, no marks, very easy to maintain and will last a lifetime – with all the charm and character of... Continue Reading →

Looking after your Junckers floor

Congratulations! You have a new Junckers floor - but do you know how to keep it in it's best condition for years to come? Junckers SylvaCleaner is a universal cleaner for lacquered or oiled wooden floors and is ideal for daily or regular cleaning. Click below for general directions for use and technical information: Junckers... Continue Reading →

Dark & Sumptuous

Junckers Black Oak Boulevard is a remarkably rich, very dark floor in solid hardwood Oak on Junckers’ widest plank yet, 185 mm. Black Oak offers the aesthetic of walnut, with the additional benefits of being harder, less costly and easier to source. Black Oak is ammonia fumed, with dark colouration drawn deep through the wood... Continue Reading →

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