Pale Wooden Floors – a Strong Trend for 2015

Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave 1 low res_edited-1  Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave 3 low res

Oak has long been the most popular timber used for flooring in the UK but in the last twelve months there has been a steadily growing demand for our Nordic Oak, which is now at the point of eclipsing Oak from its place at the helm.

Junckers Nordic treatment adds interest to the colouration and graining of the Oak and dons a contemporary twist to our trusted old favourite – a perfect backdrop to interior design trends. From art galleries to public libraries and even gyms, architects are specifying more and more Nordic Oak to achieve a pale finish which reflects a lot of natural light.

Subtly treated with a white-pigmented stain and sealed with Junckers Ultra Matt Lacquer, Nordic Oak is a beautiful and hard-wearing product that comes pre-finished and is ideal for use with underfloor heating as our solid hardwood floors are naturally stable and have a low moisture content. Our Rustic White Oil (seen above applied to Single Stave Blocks in Oak) is also proving popular. Simply add more coats for a paler finish, then seal with one of our water based lacquers for a durable finish.

Junckers is committed to sustainable forestry and the company is both FSC and PEFC certified.

Junckers Scandinavian Nature Frosted White (detail) low res  Junckers Nordic Oak close up (table) low res

Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave (detail) low res  Junckers Ash with PreLak White (dog) low resJunckers Saw Mill Oak room shot low res

A Whiter Shade of Pale – with PreLak White

Junckers Ash with PreLak White (dog) low res

We have seen a huge increase in the demand for pale floors in the last few months and being a Danish company, we couldn’t not have the perfect product for this coveted Scandinavian look! The white-washed look can be both clean and contemporary or industrial-like and rustic when used on our new, textured planks, for example. Our PreLak White gives that perfect, naturally transparent, milky, creamy white appearance and works perfectly on all kinds of timber – oak, ash, beech and maple, as well as soft woods. It’s easy to apply, has a low odour and contains a UV filter so your floors won’t fade or become yellow. One, two or three coats can be applied to build on the depth of colour then over-coated with a water based lacquer. Couldn’t be simpler!

Junckers Saw Mill Oak grey sofa low res Junckers Saw Mill Oak room shot low res Junckers Saw Mill Oak white chair low res Junckers Saw Mill Oak detail (chair legs) low res