City centre hotel in new design

The charming Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen’s Nansensgade Quarter has undergone a complete renovation with 64 new rooms and a new breakfast restaurant featuring our popular Herringbone floors. The hotel has a relaxed atmosphere with elegant interiors, housed in a beautiful, late 19th Century building near Copenhagen’s historic lakes. The interior design compliments the period... Continue Reading →

A New Parquet Floor From Junckers

Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann is a new parquet floor from Junckers. Hexagonal staves made in solid oak are laid to form an intricate design mimicking nature’s own geometric pattern based on equilateral triangles. Made in 100% solid hardwood oak, the staves measure 370mm on all sides by 20.5mm thick. The staves have a... Continue Reading →

A Contemporary Parquet Floor

Over 6500m2 of our Oak Boulevard has been installed in the impressive Aeroville shopping centre near Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris, France. The €350 million project is a mixed-use retail and entertainment hub with over 200 stores, five cinemas and multiple restaurants. With an expected footfall over up to 12 million people a year, a... Continue Reading →

Having a moment…

Maybe it’s because we’re obsessed with beautiful floors but we think parquet floors are having a bit of a moment. Recent posts on some of our favourite blogs showing super chic and stylish interior spaces with traditional parquet floors used in a contemporary way have inspired us to share some of our own. Our Oak Harmony laid... Continue Reading →

Single Stave Blocks – Black Oil Oak

Junckers Single Stave Blocks are a more contemporary take on the much-loved parquet floor. Junckers have updated this classic look to offer all the benefits of a new, solid hardwood floor – no draughts through gaps, no marks, very easy to maintain and will last a lifetime – with all the charm and character of... Continue Reading →

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