Junckers Launches The Leveldek System – Solid Hardwood Floors + Underfloor Heating From A Single Point Of Supply

Traditionally, timber floor finishes and heating systems are specified separately and supplied and installed by different companies. Junckers Leveldek offers a versatile levelling system, underfloor heating and a solid hardwood floor finish from a single point of supply.

We have teamed up with one of the main heating component manufacturers to offer a combined solid hardwood floor and heating system which achieves the best fit in terms of ease of installation and efficiency.

The Junckers Leveldek system is a fully integrated solid hardwood floor and heating system. Any of the 22mm or 20.5mm thick floor boards from our full range of finishes may be used, so there is a floor to suit any taste and style of interior.

Junckers hardwood floors have for many years been recognised as the only solid hardwood floors which are so stable that they are guaranteed for use with underfloor heating. This is something that architects, the flooring and heating industries have known for the last 30 years or so. It is fair to say that almost any type of underfloor heating may be used with Junckers floors. However, heating designs vary enormously with different ways of supporting the pipes and insulating the floor, and careful planning is needed when coordinating heating and flooring trades on site. There can also be some significant efficiency and running cost differences between one system and another.

Energy Efficiency and Fast Warm Up

A Junckers Leveldek floor system is able to achieve the greatest energy efficiency and fastest warm-up time because of the unique way the heating pipes
are supported directly beneath the floor boards. The heating panels are insulated and reinforced, and have aluminium heat diffusion plates. They are pushed upwards against
the underside of the floor boards by the support saddles and this close contact gives the best heat output possible. This also means that the Leveldek heating pipes cannot sag or move, so the heating will give the same reliable efficiency for its whole life. The design of the Leveldek system means that the response time and heat output can be calculated accurately, so the heating engineer can be sure that the predicted performance will be what the client will actually get.

The heating panels and battens are supported above the subfloor, therefore it is very easy to include other services beneath the floor prior to installation of the hardwood floor boards.
 Junckers Leveldek works perfectly when a sprung floor is needed because the heating panels will flex along with the whole floor system.

Leveldek – Many Solutions in One

There are many ways the Junckers Leveldek system can be used. It is based upon one of Junckers’ established levelling systems, so the subfloor can be a screed, concrete slab, block and beam or other type of base; flat or not. This makes it perfect for residential and non-residential new build as well as refurbishment projects.  When used with solid SylvaSport beech flooring, the system provides a sprung floor to EN 14904, which means that it is suitable for sports, dance and activity halls and meets the requirements or Sport England and Sport Scotland.

Environment and Sustainability Considered

As well as providing an energy efficient heating system the materials which are used for Junckers floors are from sustainable certified sources, are fully recyclable and manufactured to the highest environmental standards. Even the energy which is used to power the flooring factory is produced from waste wood from flooring manufacture.

Fully Guaranteed

Our long experience and unique reputation means we are able to offer a full guarantee for the system under the Junckers Lifetime Warranty Scheme with a 25-year guarantee for the flooring and installation, 10 years for the heating pipes and insulated panels and 2 years for all electronic components.


For more information, please contact Junckers tel 01376 534 700 or email technical@junckers.co.uk

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AJ Retrofit of the Year 2017 Features Junckers Flooring

A listed church hall in Burford, Oxfordshire, extended and restored in a £3.2 million upgrade by Acanthus Clews Architects, has won Retrofit of the Year 2017 in The Architects Journal Retrofit Awards. Environmental and financial sustainability were of paramount importance to the church with traditional materials used throughout the building. To fully meet the sustainability criteria, our FSC and PEFC accredited solid wood floor were specified for the two hall spaces. The choice fell on grey-tinted Oak Boulevard Golden Pearl floors with a plank width of 185mm to complement the new interior spaces.

Our solid oak floors are durable and hardwearing enough to meet the demands of a busy community and church hall. With a typical 60-year lifespan, a Junckers floor has incredibly low lifecycle costs and will serve this new community space for many years to come. The flooring contractor was MK Flooring.

All images courtesy of Acanthus Clews.

Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews

Black Oak Oiled Floor For Stylish Development

A prestigious residential development in the fashionable Clapham Old Town area of London features over 700m2 of Junckers’ Black Oak flooring. Designed by Assael Architecture, the development combines converted 19th century warehouse buildings with contemporary architecture.

The high quality, modern interiors combine a palette of rich, natural materials where Junckers’ solid hardwood floors add warmth and texture to the inviting spaces with the matt, oiled surface the perfect backdrop to the stylish decorating schemes. Black Oak Oiled has the appearance of an aged floor, with a rich patina and surface texture, highly sought after in the design industry.

Junckers wide board floors come in long-length planks, a true mark of a high quality solid hardwood floor. In addition, our floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating. Thanks to a unique drying process developed over many years, Junckers floors are very stable and have a low moisture content. Tried, tested and approved by all major underfloor heating manufacturers, Junckers’ solid wood floors have been successfully used together with underfloor heating for decades.


Junckers | tel 01376 534 700 | www.junckers.co.uk | enquiries@junckers.co.uk

Junckers Black Oak Oiled at Macaulay Walk development (1) mid
Junckers Oiled Black Oak
Junckers Black Oak Boulevard at Macaulay Walk 2 mid
Junckers Oiled Black Oak
Junckers Black Oak Boulevard Macaulay Walk 1 mid
Junckers Oiled Black Oak

No Glue, No Nails – Floating Floor For Listed Building

Kensington Palace State Apartments in Kensington Gardens, managed by Historic Royal Palaces, has recently been represented and re-opened to visitors. The client chose our solid hardwood floor in an oiled finish for a sophisticated, high quality look for the newly opened Piggot Galleries where the exhibition Fashion Rules is currently showing with a stunning display of modern Royal dress. 

As Kensington Palace State Apartments is a building of special architectural interest and highly protected, fixing to the original fabric are strictly controlled by English Heritage, our Wide Board Oak floors were specified and installed with our unique, floating clip system which meant there was no need for glue or nails. Historic Royal Palaces’ architect, Carden & Godfrey worked closely with contractor NDB to provide specially-designed details to resolve the junctions between the old and new joinery.

Fashion Rules exhibition opening

Photo: Historic Royal Palaces

Black and Blu

Radisson Blu Riverside - Göteborg (2) cropped

A stylish new hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden designed by Reflex Architects looks fabulous with our solid Black Oak planks. The dark and sumptuous floor at the Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel adds a dramatic backdrop to the interior of the bar and restaurant, created by Stylt Trampoli.

The specification stipulated a dark, solid hardwood floor in an oiled finish that could cope with the wear and tear of a busy restaurant. Our Black Oak Harmony was a perfect fit. The dark stain is drawn deep into the plank which ensures it won’t scratch and can be sanded and refinished without losing depth and colour. A factory applied oiled finish means the floor can be used and walked on as soon as it’s installed and it’s quick and easy to spot repair if needed. Assmundsons Floor AB of Gothenburg installed the floor.

Radisson Blu Riverside - Göteborg_2