Strong + durable wooden floors for Jaguar Land Rover

Arranged around several courtyards and atria, Jaguar Land Rover’s new Advanced Product Creation Centre by Bennetts Associates is a series of inspirational, creative spaces designed to foster interaction and collaboration. As part of a refined materials palette, over 5,000m2 of Junckers solid Nordic Oak Classic plank flooring has been installed to define zones and provide a warm, natural surface.

High levels of natural light fill new offices, restaurant and a 400-seat multipurpose hall, all linked by generous internal streets. The company’s latest vehicle models are proudly displayed on the ground floor, where the flooring had to be able to accommodate both the cars and a Stringo, a specialist vehicle moving truck. Working with AC Flooring Ltd, Junckers provided a solid hardwood floor able to take the weight of a five-tonne load. Richard Aylen, Junckers’ Technical Manager worked with AC Flooring and the architects to find the best solution for the floor to withstand heavy loads:

“The wooden floor at Jaguar Land Rover’s new Advanced Production Creation Centre was glued to the subfloor using our Parquet Glue. Given a suitable subfloor, this is usually the method that will bear the highest loads.

Worryingly, there is a trend towards substituting proprietary adhesive products for cheaper brands. A cheaper adhesive generally contains more filler, which will bulk out the product but do nothing for its adhesive properties. The high amount of filler in in the cheaper adhesives has reduced the bonding ability and projects where such products have been used are beginning to fail with large claims being fought in parts of Europe. This is an issue many flooring contractors may be unaware of. By choosing Junckers Parquet Glue the client can be confident that they have the best long-term result.”

Junckers Nordic Oak Classic at Jaguar Land Rover by Bennetts Associates. Photo: Hufton + Crow
Junckers Nordic Oak Classic at Jaguar Land Rover by Bennetts Associates. Photo: Hufton + Crow
Junckers Nordic Oak Classic at Jaguar Land Rover by Bennetts Associates. Photo: Hufton + Crow
Junckers Nordic Oak Classic at Jaguar Land Rover by Bennetts Associates. Photo: Hufton + Crow

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Our New Floor a Roaring Success at Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week has been another great success! We’ve had an amazing amount of interest in our Saw Mill Oak – our latest textured plank which is really quite different to our other floors.

It’s a very rustic looking plank with rough, irregular transverse lines created by a band saw. It makes for a floor full of character, with a patina that will only improve with age and use. It’s made of solid hardwood oak in either a structural board or a wide board plank. The floor is delivered untreated with a choice of on-site finishing products available. These white pigmented floor boards caused a mini-storm in our corner of the Farmiloe Building!

Junckers Saw Mill Oak (chaise lounge) low res

Junckers Saw Mill Oak - detail low res

Junckers combined images 1- low res

Dark & Sumptuous

Junckers Black Oak Boulevard is a remarkably rich, very dark floor in solid hardwood Oak on Junckers’ widest plank yet, 185 mm. Black Oak offers the aesthetic of walnut, with the additional benefits of being harder, less costly and easier to source.

Black Oak is ammonia fumed, with dark colouration drawn deep through the wood by a unique vacuum impregnation process ensuring the colour will withstand wear and can be sanded and resealed without losing its good looks. It comes pre-sealed with Junckers Ultra-Matt lacquer, a hardwearing finish with a natural lustre similar to traditional oiled floors which adds warmth and beauty to a room.