What goes underneath?

Richard Aylen, Our Technical Manager explains why a good quality floor is paramount in a squash court.

There’s no question – the floor in a squash court has to be top notch. In fast paced games like squash and racquetball, the floor should give the player freedom of movement, optimal ball bounce and protection against injuries. A solid beech floor has proved itself to be the best option in preference to all the other types of floor that might be used for squash.

The case for a solid beech squash court floor in preference to laminated wood floors was made decades ago, offering the best surface for players at all levels.  By far the majority of new squash court floors being fitted in the UK are made from solid press dried beech. The UK’s specialist squash court contractors will predominantly recommend 22mm thick solid Beech SylvaSquash from Junckers to their clients as the “go-to” floor.

Unlike and engineered floor, a solid hardwood squash floor from Junckers has no layers of low grade materials that can delaminate, and at 22mm thick it is extremely durable.  Junckers unique press drying process makes the wood very strong and results in a floor that is inherently stable throughout the natural cycle of humidity changes during the year.

A squash court floor must have a high level of ”grip”. Junckers Beech SylvaSquash floorboards are unsealed and have a slightly roughened surface, which provides the right level of friction whether the surface is wet or dry, and so keeps risk of injury to an absolute minimum.

While the surface of the floor is important, what is also vital to a squash floor is what goes underneath. The undercarriage system has a direct bearing on the performance of the floor. All Junckers’ sports flooring systems have unique area elastic properties to ensure optimal shock absorption in accordance with the European EN 14904 standard. This means Junckers’ floors are proven as suitable for squash at the highest level.

A floor that complies with EN 14904 cat A3 or A4, as well as the technical requirements of England Squash and the World Squash Federation, will have defined limits for shock absorption and surface deflection. The standards relate both to safety and technical properties including friction, rolling load, vertical deformation, shock absorption and ball bounce.

In addition to the European standard, Junckers has added two further internal tests to demonstrate the strength and longevity of their floors. A fatigue test where the floor is exposed to a series of controlled, dynamic point impacts of 300kg no less than 100,000 times, which simulates the equivalent of 25 years of normal use; and a point load test.

Not only is a squash floor from Junckers one of the safest and best performing floors on the market, they can be sanded between eight and ten times during their lives. In terms of life cycle cost and investment value this makes them unbeatable. A typical laminated squash court floor can normally be sanded only twice.

Installing a Junckers squash floor gives clients the benefit of full technical backup throughout the life of the floor as well as the option of a maintenance and aftercare scheme through one of Junckers’ Approved Contractors.

Junckers SylvaSquash Beech flooring at University of Birmingham installed by Courtcare. Photo: Hufton+Crow

L’Alquería del Basket / Valencia Basketball Club, Spain

Today’s post comes to you from Spain, where over 6200m² of our solid Beech SylvaSport flooring has been installed. The 15,000m² facility comprises 13 basketball courts, nine of them indoor courts.

Designed by ERRE Architecture, L’Alquería del Basket is the largest sports complex dedicated to basketball in Europe. For the indoor training courts, our 22mm Premium solid Beech installed on a Unobat 62+ sub-construction was specified. This particular sub-floor is a batten based solution which also features a unique adjustable and locking wedge system making it easy to level and accommodate the flatness of the hardwood flooring to all types of uneven subfloors.

A leading manufacturer of solid hardwood sports flooring, Junckers has a long-standing track record in providing professional sports flooring for basketball courts. Most recently, in a partnership agreement with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, Junckers served as Official Technical Supplier of FIBA EuroBasket 2017. In the past, we have also teamed up with FIBA to provide sports floors for EuroBasket 2009 as well as the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

ERRE Architecture

Valencia Basket Club


Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket

Junckers 22mm Beech SylvaSport flooring at L’Alqueria del Basket



Folding Floor at Newry Leisure Centre, Ireland

Have you ever seen anything like this before? This four-court sports hall at Newry Leisure Centre in Ireland has a a fold-away Junckers sports floor housing a trampoline pit. This clever construction was designed by Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects and constructed by Felix O’Hare & Co. Ltd.

Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects of Belfast won the commission to create the new multi-purpose regional leisure centre in a design competition held by the Royal Society of Ulster Architects. The centre includes an eight court sports hall, a four court hall, a handball court and several squash courts with a total of 2500m2 of our Beech SylvaSport Premium flooring, fitted over New Era Cradles.

The project has been designed to meet exemplary sustainability and low carbon principles and will embody the goals set out in the Newry 2020 Low Carbon City targets. The building design is on target to achieve ‘Disability Sports Northern Ireland’s Inclusive Sports Facility’ Accreditation and the centre has been shortlisted for the RSUA Design Awards.

Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects

Junckers Sports Flooring

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann

Junckers SylvaSport Premium flooring at Newry Leisure Centre. Photo: Donal Mc Cann





PE & Sport Premium For Primary Schools- How Best To Spend It

Junckers at St Marylebone School for Girls midThe Department for Education has released details of the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools, how much funding schools receive in the academic year 2017 to 2018 including advice on how to spend it. Most primary schools, including schools maintained by the local authority, academies, free schools, special schools and non-maintained schools, receive funding based on the number of pupils who attend the school. With the second payment due in March or April depending on the type of school, head teachers, heads of department, business managers and bursars are having to make decisions on how best to spend their allocated funding.

The DfE has issued guidelines on how schools have to use the and sport premium stating: “Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport you offer.”  The premium should be used to develop or enhance current facilities to build capacity and capability in the long term. Ofsted will be assessing how schools use the premium and a full breakdown of how the funding was spent must be published. Schools are expected to increase sport engagement and offer a broader range of sports and activities – children and young people aged 5 to 18 should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in schools. The starting point for good PE and sports provision is providing excellent facilities, starting with good quality, safe sports floor.

Many older activity floors in primary schools may have safety and performance levels which are significantly below what is currently recommended for use in schools. A multi-use sports floor system from Junckers complies with the European EN 14904 standard for both Category A3 and A4 systems, exceeding Sport England’s minimum performance requirement, combining safety with outstanding ball response and ease of installation. A new sports floor may be more of an investment, but when you consider that the lifecycle costs of a Junckers floor are second to none, it soon becomes clear it is money well spent. A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life therefore a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded. In the past 12 months, on the recommendation of Sport England, the Education and Skills Funding Agency has changed its specification guideline for Affordable Sports Flooring to include Area Elastic Floors (solid hardwood, fully sprung floors) only, having identified Point Elastic Floors (e.g. vinyl flooring) as inadequate.

Another option to improve existing facilities would be to refurbish the existing sports floor; a relatively quick and easy way to make a big improvement and with new methods available, it is possible to undertake the work during term time. Through Junckers’ network of Approved Maintenance Contractors, a 25-year warranty programme is available, which takes care of all floor maintenance and ensures your sports facility will keep its good looks and superior performance in excess of 60 years. Our sports floors are being put to good use on a daily basis in thousands of schools, a sheer testament to their quality and performance – money well spent!

More information


Tel 01376 534 700



Junckers Launches Vinyl Sports Floor Systems

We are happy to announce we are launching a new range of vinyl sports floor systems to sit alongside our flagship collection of solid hardwood floors.

In the UK, Junckers has become a by-word for high quality sports and activity floor systems, and for providing the technical and customer support needed to make every new Junckers floor one that the installer and client will be proud of. As part of our continuous work to develop new products and constantly improve the ability to offer customers a broader choice of floor systems, we have developed a range of vinyl sports and activity floors, based upon the established success of our undercarriage systems.

We have has made the decision to launch a product range which has traditionally been a competitor for its long-established solid hardwood sports floor range after discovering that the range and types of undercarriage being offered appear so limited, even from the larger players in the market. With an established high-performance product, which fulfils all criteria, we are able to offer clients and developers something that is a step up from sub-flooring systems currently on the market.

For many clients, solid hardwood can be the best option – because of its unbeatable life cycle costs, which is always a high priority for sports halls, better environmental credentials, durability, repairability and versatility, retractable seating etc. But some customers prefer vinyl floors, perhaps based upon their past experience, and because they are used to it they feel more comfortable sticking with it. From autumn 2017, we are offering our customers a choice with the launch of our new vinyl sports floor systems.

The EFA (Education Funding Agency) who is responsible for setting the design standards for all school construction in England and Wales, has moved away from accepting “Point Elastic” vinyl floor systems so “stuck to screed” vinyl floors are becoming less favourable and are not really the best surface to play sport or dance on. This means that there is a stronger focus upon Area and Combined elastic floors, which usually require a “sprung” undercarriage, needing a little more expertise to design, manufacture and install. This is not always an area where existing vinyl floor system suppliers excel, but design and manufacture of sports undercarriages has been in our DNA for decades. Being able to combine some of the best undercarriage systems currently available with a vinyl finish means we are able to offer a product which is far superior to vinyl glued to screed.

One of our main strengths is the variety of undercarriage systems we offer. Not only do these give different “sprung” performance characteristics with some suited to basketball, others for dance etc., thanks to experience and technical expertise we are also able to take care of the less glamorous aspects of the installation, such as dealing with uneven sub floors or those where there may be drying out problems. Junckers’ floors are all tested and certified to EN 14904, category A3, A4 or C3. In addition, our own in-house testing and development centre assess the wider aspects of the floor’s performance such as point load bearing ability and lifespan issues such as fatigue testing.

Our new vinyl floor systems are aimed at the education sector, sports halls, leisure centres and dance and fitness centres. When it comes to installation, vinyl floor customers have the same assurances that they currently have with Junckers solid hardwood floors because there is a network of fully trained Junckers Approved Installers on hand to make sure that the floor will be fitted properly.

For more information on our new Vinyl Sports Floor Systems, please contact sales@junckers.co.uk or telephone +44 (0)1376 534 700

Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 1 mid
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems

Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 2
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems

Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 3
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems


Back To School!

It’s that time of year again – even though some of us have long since left our school years behind, there’s something comforting in the return to routines and the re-focus a new academic year brings. To celebrate, we’re showing you some examples of our floors in schools as well as some important points pertinent to the Education sector we are often asked about.

Junckers at Bushbury Hill CE primary school Photo-Architype low res

Junckers multi-use floor at Bushbury Hill CE Primary School, photo: Architype

Safety – about a third of all indoor sports injuries can be traced back to the properties of the floor, a responsibility no educational facility would like to shoulder. Our solid hardwood flooring systems provide the correct resilience, shock absorption and friction characteristics for the ultimate level of performance, comfort and above all, safety.

Caring For The Environment – all our floors are FSC and PEFC certified and our manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood, making us a CO2 positive company.

Standards – All floors used for sports, performance and dance have to adhere to the BSEN 14904 standard, in accordance with government legislation. All Junckers sports flooring systems fully conform to this standard and are BB compliant.

Choice – our factory finished, solid hardwood boards are ready for use as soon as they’re fitted. There is an increasing demand for darker floors, particularly in dance and performance studios – our Black Oak is the perfect choice here. We also offer a wide range of colours and finishes, ranging from bright red to pearlised silver tones.

Retractable seating – our floors are designed to accommodate normal foot loadings but often extra loads such as retractable seating are installed onto our floors. This can require special solutions, including reinforcement. Our Technical Department are very experienced and on hand to help – please contact them on tel 01376 534 720 or email Richard raylen@junckers.co.uk

Maintenance and Lifecycle Costs – A solid hardwood sports floor and undercarriage system will last for many years to come with the correct care and maintenance. Our floors are designed for easy and efficient maintenance throughout their life and we can guarantee a floor for 25 years through our Approved Contractor Scheme, making a Junckers floor a very competitive option.

For more information on flooring for the Education sector or any other questions, please contact enquiries@junckers.co.uk

Junckers at Central School of Speech & Drama high res to email cropped low res

Junckers premium sports flooring system at Central School of Speech & Drama, Jestico + Whiles Architects

Junckers at St Marylebone School for Girls low res

Junckers sports floor at St Marylebone School For Girls, Gumuchdjian Architects

The Lighthouse Young Peoples Centre, Newtown, Birmingham, England

Junckers sports flooring system at MyPlace, Aston, Associated Architects

Yarm-280113-161 Yarm--280113-142


Junckers Nordic Oak (with rectractable seating) at Yarm School, Associated Architects

Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (4) cropped low res Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (09) low res Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (13) low res

Junckers Jarrah (with rectractable seating in lecture theatre) at University of Essex

This week…

…we’re at FSB in Cologne, Germany showing our premium Sports Flooring Systems, including our new J-Lock System. We’re also unveiling a brand new look for our sports solutions – focusing on how we’ve simplified specifiers’ choices by making sure our sports flooring systems combine player safety with outstanding ball response, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Come and see us in Hall 11.2 Stand no. SO10 TO11 from today until Friday 25 October 2013.

FSB is the international trade fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities.

If you’re not in that part of the world and would like more information, email junckers@junckers.dk

Junckers at FSB, Germany 3 low res

Junckers at FSB, Germany 1 low res Junckers at FSB, Germany 2 low res