Junckers Launches The Leveldek System – Solid Hardwood Floors + Underfloor Heating From A Single Point Of Supply

Traditionally, timber floor finishes and heating systems are specified separately and supplied and installed by different companies. Junckers Leveldek offers a versatile levelling system, underfloor heating and a solid hardwood floor finish from a single point of supply.

We have teamed up with one of the main heating component manufacturers to offer a combined solid hardwood floor and heating system which achieves the best fit in terms of ease of installation and efficiency.

The Junckers Leveldek system is a fully integrated solid hardwood floor and heating system. Any of the 22mm or 20.5mm thick floor boards from our full range of finishes may be used, so there is a floor to suit any taste and style of interior.

Junckers hardwood floors have for many years been recognised as the only solid hardwood floors which are so stable that they are guaranteed for use with underfloor heating. This is something that architects, the flooring and heating industries have known for the last 30 years or so. It is fair to say that almost any type of underfloor heating may be used with Junckers floors. However, heating designs vary enormously with different ways of supporting the pipes and insulating the floor, and careful planning is needed when coordinating heating and flooring trades on site. There can also be some significant efficiency and running cost differences between one system and another.

Energy Efficiency and Fast Warm Up

A Junckers Leveldek floor system is able to achieve the greatest energy efficiency and fastest warm-up time because of the unique way the heating pipes
are supported directly beneath the floor boards. The heating panels are insulated and reinforced, and have aluminium heat diffusion plates. They are pushed upwards against
the underside of the floor boards by the support saddles and this close contact gives the best heat output possible. This also means that the Leveldek heating pipes cannot sag or move, so the heating will give the same reliable efficiency for its whole life. The design of the Leveldek system means that the response time and heat output can be calculated accurately, so the heating engineer can be sure that the predicted performance will be what the client will actually get.

The heating panels and battens are supported above the subfloor, therefore it is very easy to include other services beneath the floor prior to installation of the hardwood floor boards.
 Junckers Leveldek works perfectly when a sprung floor is needed because the heating panels will flex along with the whole floor system.

Leveldek – Many Solutions in One

There are many ways the Junckers Leveldek system can be used. It is based upon one of Junckers’ established levelling systems, so the subfloor can be a screed, concrete slab, block and beam or other type of base; flat or not. This makes it perfect for residential and non-residential new build as well as refurbishment projects.  When used with solid SylvaSport beech flooring, the system provides a sprung floor to EN 14904, which means that it is suitable for sports, dance and activity halls and meets the requirements or Sport England and Sport Scotland.

Environment and Sustainability Considered

As well as providing an energy efficient heating system the materials which are used for Junckers floors are from sustainable certified sources, are fully recyclable and manufactured to the highest environmental standards. Even the energy which is used to power the flooring factory is produced from waste wood from flooring manufacture.

Fully Guaranteed

Our long experience and unique reputation means we are able to offer a full guarantee for the system under the Junckers Lifetime Warranty Scheme with a 25-year guarantee for the flooring and installation, 10 years for the heating pipes and insulated panels and 2 years for all electronic components.


For more information, please contact Junckers tel 01376 534 700 or email technical@junckers.co.uk

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Urban Collection

Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-3 Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-11

Our Urban Collection of solid hardwood floors is the real thing – solid, real wood all the way through, not just on the surface. Solid wood is naturally superior to engineered floor boards, you only have to walk on it to feel the difference and contrary to a commonly held belief, our solid hardwood floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating. Working with the Underfloor Heating Association as well as leading manufacturers for the past 40 years, we led the development of using UFH with wooden floors. Our Technical Team have the latest research results at hand and can help with any project, large or small.

Why Choose an Urban Collection Floor?

  • Solid hardwood throughout each plank – we don’t engineer out the quality with something lightweight and chelp
  • Competitive on price – the same or even less than an engineered floor
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating – our pre-finished stable floors have been tried and tested for over 40 years
  • 100% certified hardwood – some engineered boards are only able to certify the softwood inner cores
  • Manufactured in Denmark to the highest standard
  • Quick easy and dependable to install and will last a lifetime

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Nordic Oak Harmony white kitchen low res Junckers Oak variation in open plan living room 2 low res

Junckers Oak variation in open plan living room 1 low res Junckers Soul Collection Spicy Pepper in bedroom

A Solid Argument

When it comes to wood flooring – one of the most commonly asked questions is: Solid Hardwood or Engineered?

EG_junckers_studio_3475-1816_lores cropped

Long lasting

More hardwood = longer lasting – it’s common sense! Solid wood floor boards do last longer, simply because engineered floors have only a thin hardwood wear layer. A fully supported 22mm thick floating solid Junckers floor can be sanded down by 7mm, up to seven sandings, whereas as an engineered board has a typical veneer of 3.4mm hardwood, which means it can only be sanded down twice, at most. This might make less of a difference in a residential setting but in a large, publicly funded building or in a sports arena where lifecycle costs play a very large part of any specification, longevity can be the decisive factor.

Feel underfoot

The feel of walking or exercising on a solid hardwood floor is totally different to walking or exercising on an engineered board. The solid board gives off less noise as it’s more solid underfoot. There is much more drumming noise with an engineered board as the softwood core is less dense, which makes for a noisy environment, especially in offices, meeting areas and multi-use halls.

Underfloor Heating – setting the record straight!

Myth: solid boards buckle and warp, engineered boards are more stable and only engineered boards can be fitted over UFH.

Fact: all hardwood floors, both solid and engineered contract during the heating season over UFH. Junckers’ solid floors are guaranteed for use over UFH with boards that are highly quality controlled and monitored to ensure they have the exact same moisture content – so when they expand and contract they all do it at the same rate.

Our floors are affordable, dependable and reliable, so consider the real differences between solid hardwood and engineered floors – not just the myths.

If you’d like more information, please contact us on sales@junckers.co.uk